Writing Experience

“Parking in the Apocalypse”  Comedy Short (2014) Watch it here

“Citadel”  Science Fiction Web Series Pilot (2014)

“Ben’s Big Day”  Parks and Recreation Spec (2014)

“A Boy, A Bike, and A Blanket” – Short Script (2013)

“Citadel”  Science Fiction TV Pilot (2013)

“Tap on a Quarter and a Bladder on Tap” partial New Girl Spec Script (2013) 

“The Hollisberg Horrors” Animated TV Show Spec (2013)

“The Hollisberg Horrors” Comic Book, Issue #1 (2012)

“Overweight/Underemployed”  Sit-Com Pilot (2012)

“The Candy Shop” partial The Office Spec Script (2012)

“The One Legged Crane” Children’s Book (2011)

“The Real Jesus: A Critical Look at Deepak Chopra’s Christology”  Stone-Campbell Journal Competition Paper (2011)

“The Dark Knight” Film Analysis (2011) 

Philosophical Essays including “Descartes and the Seeds of Postmodernism,” “The Descent of Man, The Absence of God,” “The Socio-Political Dance of Two Friedrichs,” “A Century of Lies,” “The Phony Fornicating Entomologist,” and “Art Interpretation: Salvador Dali” (2011)

“Taming of the Shrew” – Adapted Screenplay Spec (2010)

Song Lyrics including “By Faith,” Contradictory Desires,” “Emily” (2010)

“Macbeth, the Bloody Chef of Scotland” Comparative Analysis (2010)

“Training Program to Develop Future Elders”Training Proposal (2010)

“The Death of Truth, the Search for Spirituality, the Church at Risk” Research Paper (2009)

“Closed Casket Ceremony” Narrative Essay (2008)

Castle Day at Manderley” – Poem (2003)


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