“If you’ve done it, it isn’t bragging.” – Walt Whitman

This quote makes me feel better about having an “Accomplishments” page.

In June 2013,  I graduated Valedictorian from Full Sail University with my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing where I specialized in writing for television and film. Along with receiving awards in Advanced Script Editing, Script Analysis and Criticism, Character Creation and Development, Literary Research, I also received the highest honor of Advanced Achievement Award.

In December 2011, I graduated Valedictorian from Florida Christian College with my Bachelor of Arts where I double majored in Bible and Humanities. I received the highest honor by being inducted into the to Zeta Upsilon Honor Society. I also received awards for my academic achievement in the Greek language and the humanities. In 2010, I was the second student, and the only female, from my school to receive the Promising Scholar Award through the Stone-Campbell Journal.

In my academic career, I have:

  • Taught one class of New Testament Greek                                                                2012
  • Led two workshops at a women’s conference                                                           2011
  • Lectured on Sikhism in a World Religions class                                                     2011
  • Lectured on Yoga and Meditation in a World Religions class                             2011
  • Led discussion on Friedrich Nietzsche in a Philosophy class                             2011
  • Conducted research and editorial assistance on a doctoral thesis                      2011
  • Conducted research for a chapter of a book on Scientology                                  2011
  • Conducted research for a book on the spirituality of the Apostle Paul               2011

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